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This Hollywood star 'cried out to God' in desperation. What happened next is amazing.

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Andrea Logan White — a Christian actress best known for her role in "Moms' Night Out" — appeared on Pure Flix's "Pure Talk" segment Thursday night and addressed some of the bumps in the road during her walk with Jesus Christ.

Rocky beginnings

In her upcoming book, "Perfectly Unfinished: Finding Beauty in the Midst of Brokenness," White addressed life before Christ and noted that her superficial quest for "perfection" triggered a "a subtle, caustic voice leading to emptiness and self-destruction" within her soul.

White admitted that her "tabloid-worthy" days were often filled with visits to the Playboy Mansion, and her body and heart were consumed by eating disorders as well as self-defeating behavior.

Despite eventually finding her happily-ever-after with her "amazing" husband and "beautiful" children, White revealed that she continued to struggle with internal conflict and insecurity even after her pivotal God moment.

"I had many moments where I literally was knocking on death’s door,” she told Pure Flix. “I have many skeletons to share.”

'God, if you're real ... '

During her interview with Pure Flix, White detailed an incident of desperation while working in Hollywood.

In an intense moment of need, White — who, at the time, could scarcely afford to pay her bills — stopped on the side of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Overwhelmed, she broke down and began pleading with the Lord.

"I cried out to God, and I said, ‘God, if you’re real I need to know who you are, because I don’t know my purpose, and I have no will to live anymore,'" White recalled praying. “And believe it or not, this was my ‘God moment.'"

White said that she broke down in tears over her prayer, and in apparent synchronicity, a vehicle stopped at an intersection. White said she looked up, and the man driving the car — which bore a message that read, "Jesus loves you" — honked his horn and gestured to his radio. When she turned on the radio, she heard a pastor sharing the same prayer she had "just cried out to God."

White's book will be released on Sept. 26.

Listen to the rest of White's inspiring God story in the video below.

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