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Pro-abortion orgs raise money so Hurricane Harvey victims can get abortions — the response is brutal

Pro-abortion orgs raise money for abortions for Harvey victims on social media, causing swift backlash. (GENT SHKULLAKU/AFP/Getty Images)

Hurricane Harvey, between its wind and days of historic rainfall, caused a laundry-list of problems in southeast Texas and turned thousands of people's lives upside-down.

Homes flooded. Properties destroyed. Dead family members. Texans have faced it all. Hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of Americans nationwide have turned to donate and volunteer in the storm ravaged areas.

But some organizations are focusing on something much, much different.

Um, what?

NARAL, one of the nation's leading pro-choice — really, pro-abortion — organizations, posted tweets to its official Twitter account on Friday lamenting over the lack of abortions happening in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey.

It also directed its users to support the Lilith Fund, which is supposedly helping Texans receive abortions in the wake of Harvey.

"Join us in supporting Harvey survivors seeking an abortion but cannot afford it," a Lilith picture read.

The National Network of Abortion Funds also got in on the action:

The scathing response

Considering that water rescues are still ongoing and recovery efforts will take months, possibly even years, it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that NARAL's interests are a bit out-of-touch.

But never waste a good opportunity to raise money for your sinister organization, right? Right...

The response to the posturing has been scathing:

Decency still exists in America.

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