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Baby born weighing just 13 ounces celebrates his first birthday

Dylan Franklin, a baby boy who was born weighing just 13 ounces, recently celebrated his first birthday in Southaven, Mississippi. He weighs 14 pounds now. (Image source: screenshot WREG-TV)

A baby boy, who was born weighing just 13 ounces, recently celebrated his first birthday in Southaven, Mississippi.

'The doctors told us, 'He's gonna die.''

Dedrick Franklin told WREG-TV that his son Dylan Franklin wasn’t expected to survive after he was born prematurely at six months.

"A lot of people don't give babies his size a chance, especially how small he was and the fact that the doctors told us, ‘He's gonna die,’" Dedrick Franklin said.

Paige Franklin, Dylan's mom, told WREG her son was no bigger than a mango at birth and could fit in her hand.

"He could literally fit right here, he was really small," Paige said.

When their son was born, Dedrick and Paige worried about the tough decisions they would have to make about his care, but said they underestimated how hard Dylan would fight for his life.

"First thing I noticed he was here he started—" Dedrick said, mimicking a baby’s cry.

"It was the smallest little cry,” Paige added. “I didn't expect to hear him cry, but he cried."

Doctors told the couple that Dylan might not survive the night when he was born unable to breathe — but he did.

"'He may not live through the night,' he makes it to two more nights," Paige said.

The couple credited their faith and their son for helping them get through his time in the hospital.

"Every day he amazes us," Dedrick said.

"Every day he does something to make us laugh," Paige said through tears.

Celebrating his first birthday

Dylan proved his naysayers wrong last Sunday when he celebrated his first birthday. He is healthy, and now weighs 14 pounds.

"At times, I felt like giving up," Dedrick said. "But I said as long as he's fighting, I need to keep on fighting right along with him."

There's hope for other parents

Dylan’s parents said they hope their son’s story will encourage other parents facing a difficult prognosis.

"There's hope because look at him," Dedrick said, "nobody gave him a chance at all."

(H/T: People Magazine)

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