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Watch: Very pregnant anchor keeps her cool on air as her water breaks

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Natalie Pasquarella, an NBC News 4 anchor, let out an "uneasy giggle" while she and her co-hosts were reporting live on Tuesday night's 11 p.m. news in New York.

Pasquarella's untimely laugh can be chalked up to one thing: during the segment, the pregnant anchor's water broke as she began the early stages of labor.

What happened?

Pasquarella and her co-anchors were in the middle of a segment discussing the newly expanded Twitter character count when she began giggling midway through one of her co-anchor's comments.

Pasquarella, 35, did not bring to the attention of her co-anchors or the audience that her water had broken, and continued to report as if nothing were amiss.

When the WNBC-TV newscast concluded, Pasquarella announced that her baby's birth was imminent.

Reports said that Pasquarella's colleagues helped her to the hospital that night.

The anchor gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Wednesday. Jamin James Pastore weighed in at 5 pounds, 6 ounces.

What her co-workers said

Playing back the footage during the Wednesday airing, her co-workers revealed that Pasquarella had given birth 13 hours after her broadcast and lauded her professionalism.

"That little laugh that was the moment Natalie’s water broke," one of her co-workers said as she replayed the footage.

Pasquarella's co-worker continued, "Live on this set, live on this air. As a true professional, Natalie calmly finished the newscast and then she went to the hospital."

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