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Religious' mom refuses to vaccinate son. Then she goes to jail.

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Michigan mother Rebecca Bedrow was jailed Wednesday for refusing to vaccinate her 9-year-old son, The Detroit News reported.

What happened?

Bedrow and her ex-husband have been locked in a yearlong court battle over vaccinating their child, and after repeatedly refusing to have the inoculations administered to her son, was brought to court by her husband.

During a previous hearing, Bedrow was told that she had a week to vaccinate her son. If she refused, she would go to jail and her son would be vaccinated anyway.

She did not comply with the order, and when questioned why she insisted upon violating the court order, Bedrow told the presiding judge that she "couldn't bring [herself] to do it."

Bedrow added that she is a "passionate mother who cares deeply about her children, their health and their well-being," and tried to justify her court order disobedience on the basis of religious beliefs.

"You agreed in a consent order to vaccinate your child," the judge told Bedrow. "I understand you love your children, but what I don’t think you understand is that your son has two parents and dad gets a say."

A lawyer for her ex-husband dismissed Bedrow's explanation, and said that as neither parent was particularly spiritual, her religion-based claim was phony; a "convenient lie."

Bedrow was sentenced to seven days in jail for refusing to vaccinate her son.

The presiding judge awarded the child's father temporary custody while Bedrow is incarcerated, and until such a time as the child's vaccinations are brought up to date.

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