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Donald Trump Jr. calls out Jimmy Kimmel for being a hypocrite — then a Twitter war ensues

Donald Trump Jr. called out Jimmy Kimmel (left) for hypocrisy for not covering Harvey Weinstein story — then a Twitter war ensued. (Image sources: YouTube screen shot & Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump Jr. got into a Twitter skirmish on Saturday after Trump Jr. called out Kimmel for apparent hypocrisy.

How did it start?

The argument began after President Donald Trump on Saturday called for "equal time" on the late-night shows, which have mostly bashed him since he was elected last November.

Kimmel, who has put himself in the headlines nearly every night over the last several weeks, was quick to reply to Trump's tweet:

What happened next?

Second only to the Las Vegas massacre, the story of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassing women in his industry for years was the biggest story of the week.

However, many in the media and on the left were oddly silent about the story, likely because Weinstein is one of their own. Kimmel, who has recently gone viral night after night with monologues about the nation's most pressing issues, has also been silent about Weinstein.

Trump Jr. found Kimmel's silence hypocritical, given the barrage of hate the left spews at anyone on the right accused of sexual harassment. So, he called Kimmel out:

Kimmel fired back, taking a shot at Trump Jr., who routinely mocks the New York Times:

But, given Kimmel's response, the comedian apparently casts doubt on the Times' report about Weinstein, which broke the sexual harassment scandal wide-open last week. It's not clear if Kimmel was calling the Times' story disgusting or the accusations waged against Weinstein.

How did Trump Jr. reply?

He mocked Kimmel's monologues:

Kimmel fired back with a YouTube video of controversial comments that Trump made in 2005 where he bragged about grabbing women's genitals without their permission. The comments were exposed last October during the height of the presidential campaign:

However, Kimmel never directly responded to the Weinstein news like Trump Jr. asked.

The comedians on "Saturday Night Live" were also silent about Weinstein, despite the story being one of the biggest of the week.

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