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'Wait! There’s a heartbeat?': Woman receives a shock, changes her mind about aborting her baby

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A woman identified as "Abby" told a moving story — which was shared last week by Save the Storks — detailing her experience with what was going to be her second abortion.

What's the story?

In the story, Abby was on her way to an abortion clinic for her second abortion in just four months.

As she approached the clinic, Abby said she repeated her mantra: "Get in, get out. Clump of cells. Everyone does it."

Just as she was about to enter the clinic, someone tapped her on her shoulder and redirected her attention elsewhere.

According to the story, Abby encountered a woman who was standing in front of a large bus, which bore a sign boasting free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests.

As Abby saw the sign on the bus, she recalled her first abortion, including the ultrasound that was done during the procedure. She remembered that the screen was turned away from her and she could neither hear nor see anything on the monitor.

Reasoning that the ultrasound was free, Abby agreed.

When Abby was taken in for her ultrasound, the nurse conducting the sonogram said, "There it is! There’s your baby’s heartbeat. Looks like you’re 10 weeks along."

Abby was taken aback — she didn't realize that a baby at 10 weeks was anything more than a "clump of cells."

"Wait! There’s a heartbeat?" Abby asked the nurse as she began to cry.

Abby told the nurse her story. She couldn't understand why anyone would say a baby was just a "clump of cells."

According to Save the Storks, this moment convinced Abby to continue her pregnancy.

(H/T: Faithwire)

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