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Gloria Allred gets grilled over accuser's yearbook, and gives a very odd response
CNN's Don Lemon questioned lawyer Gloria Allred over a challenge from Roy Moore's lawyer to have a handwriting analyst certify whether an inscription in a yearbook was actually Moore's or not. (Image Source: Twitter video composite screenshot)

Gloria Allred gets grilled over accuser's yearbook, and gives a very odd response

CNN host Don Lemon grilled famed lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing one of the accusers of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, on issues surrounding the evidence her client had presented. Some found her answers to be evasive and unsatisfactory.

Here's the video of Don Lemon questioning Allred:

Here's a transcript of what was said:

"Did Judge Moore preside over her divorce?" Lemon asked. "Was this just filing of papers? Clear this up for us. How much involvement did she have involvement with him? What's going on here?"

He was referring to a case that Moore's lawyer brought up during a news conference that would dispute a claim by Beverly Young Nelson.

"We will answer any and all questions about that issue and any issue that they would like to bring up at the hearing which should be held within two weeks," Allred responded.  "If they do not have that hearing, then we'll go to plan B and I will say at that time what plan B is. So I'm not gonna comment on that at this time. I will talk about the yearbook."

"Can I ask you something?" Lemon asked, "When I hear your answers, because I heard you on CNN earlier, when I hear your answers, it seems like your answers are meant to compel him to speak on the record and under oath. Listen, I'm not a lawyer here. Are you trying to compel him to do that because you want to get him on the record and you want to be able to depose him? What's your endgame here?"

"Well, of course, there is no legal process except the one I am proposing which is essentially a political process combined with a legal process," Allred responded.

"So then why can't you say if he presided over her divorce case, Gloria," Lemon pressed.

"Well I'm saying we're not going to put out bread crumbs of pieces of evidence," Allred deflected. "We have evidence that we have not revealed to the press, and we're not going to reveal it, bread crumb by bread crumb. We will be happy to answer all questions and provide all evidence at the hearing, if there is one. We think that's the way to do it."

"OK, so what about the signature?" Lemon asked. "Roy Moore's attorney denies Moore ever wrote in Beverly's yearbook. Can you say definitively that this is his signature?"

"I think what they wanted was a handwriting expert to examine it and we are willing if there is a hearing that is conducted by the Senate to allow an independent expert to examine the signature in the yearbook," she continued. "In addition, of course, that handwriting expert would compare it to exemplars of Mr. Moore's handwriting, signature, at the time that he signed the yearbook. So we are certainly open to that, assuming there's going to be a hearing."

"So you can't say definitively that it's his signature?" Lemon pressed again.

"I am saying that since they are now challenging that, we accept that challenge and we're willing to have an independent expert," Allred replied.

What are the accusations from Allred's client?

Nelson said that Moore groped her when she was 16 years old and offered as corroboration of her story an inscription apparently from Moore in her yearbook. Moore has denied all such allegations, and his lawyer has raised questions about her story as well as the veracity of the inscription.

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