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Filmmaker waves American flag on Berkeley campus as experiment. Students don't like what they see.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to see what would happen if he waived an American flag on the campus at the University of California, Berkeley, while lauding the greatness of the United States. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz — who conducts often eye-opening liberal-on-the-streetexperiments — visited the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, recently to test the sociopolitical temperature of the famously left-wing college.

Horowitz stood in various well-traveled spots, waved a large American flag, and praised the United States as students and others passed by.

What were the reactions to the flag and statements like, 'Greatest country in the world, right?'

  • "The opposite. The complete opposite."
  • "Uh, Canada's pretty great."
  • "The one imperial power in the world."
  • "It signifies military rule."
  • "God is not proud of us."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

  • "Your flag sucks, fool."
  • "F*** America."
  • "God f*** this country."
  • One guy got personal with Horowitz: "I seen you walking around here with your little Star of David, you s**thead."

What happened when Horowitz started waving the Islamic State flag?

After the filmmaker switched gears and waved the notorious Islamic State flag and spouted terrorist talking points to passersby, the reaction was much different:

  • "Good for you, man. Good for you."
  • "I love that you're saying that."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

  • Horowitz added that after several hours of waving the Islamic State flag and uttering anti-American rhetoric, only one person had a negative reaction.

The filmmaker tried a similar experiment at Berkeley three years ago — first waving an ISIS flag, then switching to an Israeli flag — with similar results.

In his previous video, there was little reaction to the Islamic State flag — but when Horowitz began waving the Israeli flag, angry students quickly accused the Jewish state of being “killers,” tyrannical and guilty of genocide.

(H/T: Truth Revolt)

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