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Woman on horseback whips the hell out of hunting 'saboteur' who grabs animal's reins in angry clash

A woman on horseback whipped the hell out of a hunting "saboteur" who grabbed her horse's reins in an angry clash Saturday in England. (Image source: LBC video screenshot)

They call themselves the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs.

And they told LBC they arrived at a field near the village of Pevenseyman in England on Saturday — all Antifa-like with dark clothing and masked faces — to make sure no illegal hunting took place.

But as cameras rolled, tempers flared.

Image source: LBC video screenshot

And at one point, one of the saboteurs got a bit too close for comfort to a woman hunter on horseback. Way too close.

Video shows the saboteur grabbing the woman's horse by the reins — but she wasn't about to take one bit of his antics.

Image source: LBC video screenshot

As she ordered the man to “get off my horse," the woman repeatedly whipped the saboteur with her riding crop — a total of 17 vicious whacks.

Image source: LBC video screenshot

It apparently did the trick. The guy let go.

Other voices on the video — apparently fellow saboteurs — yelled that horses shouldn't be used as "weapons" and "don't charge horses into people. You can't ride people down."

Image source: LBC video screenshot

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Some rough language):

Sussex police are asking for witnesses to come forward, LBC said, and issued the following statement:

"A third party report of an assault has been made after a man was allegedly struck with a riding crop by a horse rider in Herstmonceux on Saturday (November 18).

"The incident happened in a field off Church Road around 12:30 p.m. The victim was reported to have received a bruise and bump to the head, but did not require medical treatment.

“The informant was not a witness to the incident, but police have now identified the alleged victim and an investigation is under way.

"Police are aware of a video reportedly showing the incident being available on social media.”

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