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China shuts down female subservience school: Teachings 'went against socialist core values

A Chinese school was shut down after officials learned it was teaching women to be subservient to men. The government's education department believed that the school's teachings “went against socialist core values." (Getty Images)

Chinese leaders shut down the Fushun School of Traditional Culture after a viral video showed women being taught to keep quiet and be subservient to men, the BBC reported Monday. The video led to heated discussions on social media, and Chinese leaders said the school was not reflecting the nation's true values.

What were they teaching?

Lecturers spoke out against gender equality and told women they should not resist while being beaten by men, according to the BBC. Lecturers also said women should obey "fathers, husbands, and sons," without question.  Other teachings included telling women they should not wear makeup or seek to advance in a career.

What should a woman say every time her husband asks her to do something? "Yes, right away," a lecturer told students.

Other instruction asserted that women would "die if they had sex with more than three men" and that they could "lose their virtue" if they ordered take-out instead of making home-cooked meals for their families, according to the Global Times.

The school also taught that strenuous household chores and keeping quiet are virtues, the Telegraph reported. Women in the program often did eight hours of heavy-duty household chores, starting at 4:30 a.m.

Located in Northern China, the Institute is a place where husbands and companies sent women to teach them "how to behave," according to the Telegraph. The school charged no tuition.

Who started the school?

Convicted murderer Kang Jinsheng, who had been sent to prison 30 years ago, set up the school in 2011, according to reports. He said he was inspired to teach what he called "traditional Chinese values." Three other branches of the school operate across China.

A school employee told the  Global Times the video misrepresents the school's teachings. The employee also said people who attend the school are "always grateful" for the free education.

Why was it shut down?

The Telegraph reported that the government's education department believed that the school's teachings “went against socialist core values” and that the government was determined to "stop any phenomenon that violated the core value of socialism."

Chinese education leaders said the school began as an association, but the government had not not given it permission teach.

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