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Homeless little boy pens tear-jerking letter to Santa: 'I don't want any new toys

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Louis Williams, a 9-year-old in Kent, England, penned a letter to Santa Claus that went viral over the last couple of weeks.

What was in his letter?

Louis didn't ask for a Nintendo Switch this Christmas or the latest iteration of the fidget spinner.

Louis simply wants a forever home for him and his family, which is comprised of a mother and two younger siblings.

The boy is homeless and moved from government subsidized home to government subsidized home 14 times in the last decade.

According to "Inside Edition," Louis' letter stated:

To Santa, this year for Christmas please can I have a forever home. I don’t want any new toys I just want all of my old toys that are in storage and I would like my own Lego bedroom with a desk to build my models. Everyone is sad living here and I just want us to be happy again. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas, love from Louis Williams.

Is there more?

Louis told Kent Online that he wrote the letter to Santa in hopes of a "Christmas miracle," because he really wants "a new home."

“It makes me sad because I’ve never had a proper house," he said. "I just really hope that I move sometime soon."

According to the United Kingdom's Metro, Louis' mother, Nicola, is heartbroken over her son's Santa letter.

"I felt gutted reading his letter," she revealed. "It’s not right that all he’s asking for is a home for himself. Nobody asked him to write that, it’s just all he wants."

Nicola added, "He has never had a somewhere he can really call home. I feel like I’ve let him down."

"Seeing what all the other children are asking for, this breaks my heart," she concluded. "I do my best as a mother, but this was gutting."

"Inside Edition" reported that Nicola fell on hard times after she found herself unable to pay rent, despite being employed as a student teacher and having her own party-planning business.

According to Metro, Nicola and her family are on a waiting list for permanent housing.

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