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Sarah Sanders rips CNN for more 'fake news' after they misrepresent key figure in Trump admin

WH press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders rebuked CNN on Friday for more "fake news." (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders rebuked CNN for "fake news" on Friday after the news outlet misrepresented a key member of her team inside the White House.

What happened?

During a segment about the Alabama special election, CNN posted a picture of White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah while quoting a statement he released. Except there was a major problem: the picture wasn't of Raj Shah, the deputy press secretary in the Trump administration, but rather Raj Shah, the director of the United States Agency for International Development in the Obama administration.

Here's the image CNN aired:

Image via Twitter @PressSec

In reality, this is what Raj Shah, the principle deputy press secretary in the Trump administration, looks like:

Image source: screenshot

And the error did not make it past Sanders.

How did she respond?

Posting a still image of the error, she wrote on Twitter: ".@CNN this is definitely not @RajShah45 but it is #FakeNews."

The error came the same day CNN was scrutinized for faulty reporting on a story about a foreign source who tried to provide key members of the Trump campaign with hacked information on the Clinton campaign last year.

As CNN first reported the story, it appeared there might be evidence of "collusion." However, in reality, the information the "source" tried to provide was already publicly available.

CNN chose not to reprimand the reporter for the false story, and instead, blamed the error on the reporter's sources.

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