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North Korean state media claims Kim Jong Un can control the weather

Image source: TheBlaze

North Korean state media's latest claim says that its leader, Kim Jong Un, can control the weather.

The report, lauded by the state-controlled Korean Central News Agency and reported by the Daily Mail and other outlets, is only the latest in a string of incredible accomplishments claimed by North Korea on behalf of its dictators over the years.

What are the details?

Standing atop an Mount Paektu — an active volcano on the North Korea/China border — the KCNA referred to Kim Jong Un, their "peerlessly illustrious commander," who "controls the nature."

According to USA Today, North Korea's official state newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported that when the North Korean leader "ascended" to the top of the mountain, a blizzard stopped and "fine weather unprecedented" commenced.

What are the other claimed accomplishments of North Korea's dictators?

Other accomplishments North Korea has claimed include, but are likely not limited to:

  • Kim Jong Il was born atop the above-pictured Mount Paektu, and at the moment of his birth, a new star lit up the sky, winter suddenly became spring, and a double rainbow appeared.
  • Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger.
  • The first time Kim Jong Il picked up a golf club, he hit no less than 11 holes in one.
  • Like his son, Kim Jong Il was also able to control the weather.
  • Kim Jong Il never needed to use the restroom. Ever. It was because his body was so well-calibrated that he didn't need to relieve himself.
  • A glowing message appeared on the rocks of Mount Paektu when Kim Jong Il died in 2011.
  • As a 3-week-old baby, Kim Jong Il began to walk. At 8 weeks old, he began to speak.
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