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Two teenagers picked the wrong guy to try to carjack outside his home

A Chicago police officer narrowly thwarted the plan by two teenagers to carjack him as he sat outside his home after his work shift. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Two teenagers tried to carjack a man who was taking his shoes off after his shift while he sat in his car outside his home in Chicago. But their evil plan was thwarted because the man was an off-duty cop and acted quickly to stop them.

What happened?

A veteran patrol officer was sitting inside his personal car outside his home in Bronzeville in Chicago.

Two teenagers approached him from either side of the car, with the passenger side suspect tapping on the window in what seemed like an attempt to distract him as his accomplice snuck up on the other side.

The 41-year-old officer glanced at the side mirror and saw the teen creeping up on his window with a gun in hand, so he leaned back in his seat and drew his pistol from its holster.

The suspect pointed his gun at the officer, and demanded his car. When they opened the door at the same time, the officer fired once, shooting him in the stomach.

The gunman dropped to the ground while his accomplice ran off.

Here's a local news report on the altercation:

Carlos Hendricks, 18, was arrested and charged with vehicular hijacking, attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Police are seeking his accomplice, who is thought to also be a teenager.

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