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Former Trump aide quoted in bombshell book is asked if it's accurate - here's what he said

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg explained that the quotes attributed to him a new bombshell book about the Trump administration weren't exactly accurate, but half-true. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg said that while the gist of the stories told in the bombshell book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," about the Trump administration are true, the exact quotes are only half true.

Here's the video of the interview with Sam Nunberg

Not 100 percent accurate

HLN host S.E. Cupp asked Nunberg if a quote in the book about President Donald Trump not wanting to win the 2016 presidential election was accurate.

"No it's not. Well, what I was telling Michael was a story, that in 2014 I was flying down with then-Mr. Trump to New Orleans for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, and we were discussing his run, and he had already told me he was planning on running," he said.

"And what I said to him was, a hundred a years from now nobody is going to remember if you don't win the primary or the presidency, who ran. Frankly, nobody is gonna remember who was the president," he explained.

"But I'll tell you what a hundred years from now, when they're covering you, they're not gonna be able to write that you didn't run," Nunberg added. "They're not going to be able to say you were a perennial tease. And the one thing I can guarantee you is that you are going to come out well out of this."

"I can't guarantee you'll win the nomination, that's very hard to do," Nunberg said he told Trump.

Nunberg says that Trump repeated to him, "We won't come out of this badly," and, "no matter what, we're going to have fun," at the time.

Did Trump get bored with the Constitution?

Nunberg also put into context the other quote from him being tossed around on social media about Trump getting bored with his explanation of the Constitution in anticipation of a debate. Nunberg explains that Trump had to run the campaign and also run his own company at the time and that's why he was impatient.

"I'd rate it half true on the specific examples, mostly true overall," he explained, "on the gist of it, I'd say mostly true."

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