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Watch: Women's March demonstrators have a hard time pinning down why they're protesting

Image source: TheBlaze

Protesters came out in droves to attend this weekend's Women's March, which was held in about 250 cities around the country, but few of those spotlighted by street reporter Austen Fletcher could coherently explain just what it was they were demonstrating against.

Fletcher's 10-minute compilation video features snippets of interviews with men and women who attended the weekend's festivities.

What was the video all about?

The fruits of Fletcher's labor included a lot of "umms," "ahhs," and vulgar language.

Published to his YouTube page on Monday, Fletcher's video — "Delusional Women's March Demonstrators Don't Have A True Message" — had received just over 41,000 views at the time of this writing.

Fletcher described interactions he was party to over the weekend, writing, "This week I went down to the Women's March in Los Angeles where ladies and men were protesting, hating, and threatening to kill President [Donald] Trump. Their message was convoluted and based in emotion."

What were the highlights from the video?

Fletcher encountered many different people from many different age groups and backgrounds during his filming.

One man in particular told Fletcher that he was protesting because "[Trump is] a conservative," adding, "I don't like conservatism."

Another younger man later expressed his pleasure at "so many creative people" coming together to demonstrate: "So many creative people. Tens of thousands of amazing signs. Imagine if we took that creative energy and that energy to create things, and we, like, built an ark or built a spaceship."

Fletcher later set his sights on a group of young women, who held up a profane sign.

"[My sign] says 'Kill Donald Trump,' and then it says, 'Kill Mike Pence,' and then it says 'It's guillotine time, b****es,'" one of the bright-haired women explained. She later added that her ideal socio-political structure would be "communist utopia." "But that's, like, pretty hard to do," she admitted.

Another man argued that Trump shouldn't be president because he doesn't have the experience. When Fletcher asked why he felt Trump didn't have experience, the man simply responded, "He's never been president."

One of the biggest takeaways was courtesy of another young man, featured toward the end of the video, who had sage words for Fletcher about the very essence of protesting:  "Words are just words until actions actually starts, and actions speak louder than words, but at the same time, words speak louder than actions, because sometimes, it's the right thing to do."

(Content warning: Rough language):

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