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Feminist' interns who will fight 'heterosexism' recruited by women's center at major college

The Women's Resource Center at the University of Arizona is recruiting “feminist” interns to battle against “racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and heterosexism." (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

The Women's Resource Center at the University of Arizona is recruiting “feminist” interns to battle "heterosexism" — along with “racism, classism, sexism," and "ableism."

"We are a part of a broader social movement that dismantles oppressive structures and unifies people," the internship application also notes, as does the Women's Resource Center's "About Us" page.

"Heterosexism" is defined as "discrimination or prejudice by heterosexuals against homosexuals."

"FORCE" (i.e., Feminists Organized to Resist, Create, and Empower) is sponsoring the internship program through the Women's Resource Center and is described as "a collective of feminist, social justice oriented individuals dedicated to raising awareness on issues of gender and inequality."

What will else will the 'feminist' interns do?

According to the application, they will "assist with the marketing of all FORCE and WRC programs, including getting the word out to friends, classmates, and professors. This also means that your intern duties include putting up event posters around campus."

What kinds of programs has FORCE hosted?

According to Campus Reform:

  • Events hosted by FORCE in the past include an even titled “Deconstructing Cisnormativity,” a discussion designed to tackle the “taboo” surrounding abortion, and another dedicated to making crafts out of expired condoms provided by the UA Women’s Center.
  • FORCE interns also plan the school’s annual SlutWalk, which is attended by several hundred students every year, and organize an ongoing series called “Sip and Bitch,” where students who are “BOLD, not bitter” make arts and crafts while talking about political issues.
  • In addition to FORCE, the school also recruits interns to conduct workshops on "rape culture" and promote discussions on whether "consent can be given if alcohol is present” through a program called SPEAC: Students Promoting Empowerment and Consent.

What does the school have to say about the 'feminist' internship program?

Chris Sigurdson, the college's media officer, defended the internship program.

“As with any internship taken for credit and overseen by a professor, students get professional experience, do work that is meaningful to them, and take a deeper dive into reflecting on what they’ve learned and discovered through papers and projects,” Sigurdson added to Campus Reform.

The outlet said it scheduled an interview with FORCE member Olivia Fontes, but added that she later cancelled and said she couldn't speak to the media.

(H/T: Truth Revolt)

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