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Is that all there is?' - Matt Schlapp mocks indictments in Russian investigation

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp mocked the 13 indictments announced by special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation into Russian collusion and election meddling. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp mocked the 13 indictments in the Mueller investigation of Russian operatives involved in the interference of the 2016 election.

Here's what he said

"It's rather shocking," he said, "everything about it is shocking, it's shocking to see the Deputy Attorney General, to me, making that announcement, it didn't come specifically from the special counsel's team."

"It's shocking that what they're saying is that these," he continued, "you know it's really interesting they said these Russians were spreading discord, uh you know, uh, I know these are serious charges, but that was a strange word, it seemed, to use."

"It's weird that they said they've been doing it for a number of years maybe even before this election cycle, um, you know, it didn't seem like that uh, genius a plan, to uh, to get on Twitter and start to, you know, start to say bad things about Hillary Clinton and other candidates," he explained.

"And I think for a lot of Republicans," he added, "they're kinda singing that song, after all of this, is that all there is? And if that really is all there is, the American people are going to want to move one."

Former State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf responded that there might be more indictments coming and that the indictments should be taken more seriously.

"This is rather absurd," Schlapp continued later in the segment. "This is like Rocky and Bullwinkle kinda stuff."

"When I think of Russian collusion in our elections, I am offended," he added, "I think it's repulsive, is this what it was?"

"It was thirteen guys, having some rallies?" he mocked, "acting as bots on social media?"

"There's gonna be more, this isn't it!" laughed Harf.

"This is clearly their best shot," he retorted, "acting as bots on social media? Someone might have read a Facebook post that was incorrect? That's what this was all about? It's repugnant, it shouldn't happen, Obama should have stopped it, but by the same taken, this is not worth a year of the country's time over everything else that we have to deal with in this country, and these charges of Russian collusion, it's clearly been ridiculous and not true. "

Here's video of Schlapp's appearance on Fox News:

The indictments included allegations that political operatives organized rallies against Hillary Clinton and also against Trump, and that the misinformation campaign included "bots" on social media to deceive and manipulate American voters.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in the announcement of the indictments Friday that they did not conclude that these efforts had changed the outcome of the election.

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