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Armed robber enters family liquor store. Mom, daughter are armed and really stick it to the suspect.

Image source: TheBlaze

After footage of a mother and daughter fighting off an armed robber went viral, the mom behind the thwarted attack spoke out about the incident to "Fox & Friends," telling the outlet that she refuses to be a victim.

What happened?

Tina Ring, 53, and her daughter Ashley Lee, 30, were working the night shift on Thursday at Forest Acres Liquor in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a masked man reportedly entered the store and pulled a gun on the mother-daughter duo, telling them to empty out the cash register.

Ring and her daughter, however, appeared to be unafraid as they pulled out two pistols that were stored under the counter and began firing at the suspect.

Ring fired several rounds at the suspect, but after the suspect wrestled her weapon away and reportedly pistol-whipped her, he trained his gun back on Ring and Lee.

At this point, the intruder's gun was reportedly out of ammunition, which gave Lee time to fire her weapon at the suspect, striking him and allowing herself and her mother time to escape.

The Tulsa World on Friday reported that the suspect had been identified as Tyrone Lee, a man in his mid-30s.

The intruder was reportedly able to walk away from the incident, and went to receive treatment at a local hospital for several gunshot wounds. According to Fox, Lee is expected to recover.

As of Friday, Lee remained hospitalized, according to the outlet.

The Tulsa World also reported that Sgt. Brandon Watkins of the Tulsa Police Department said officials believe Tyrone Lee is responsible for a recent series of armed robberies in the area.

The outlet added that despite sharing the same last name, there is no relation between Tyrone Lee and Ashley Lee.

What did Ring tell 'Fox & Friends?'

Ring appeared on Monday's "Fox & Friends," where she detailed her harrowing experience, and said her only thought was for the safety of her daughter.

"All I saw was the shotgun and his face, and I pulled the trigger," Ring explained. "I don't even remember pulling the first two shots. ... I didn't really think about anything other than, 'Just stop. Just stop.' And he just kept coming back at me."

Ring said that even though the suspect was wounded, he reportedly continued his attempts to wrestle away her weapon.

She said that during the struggle, the only thing she could think to do was to stop the suspect.

"I just kept pulling the trigger, so that way I way I would make sure it was unloaded," Ring explained.

Ring noted that as a result of the suspect's alleged attack, she received seven staples in her head.

Ring noted that her daughter was not injured in the attack.

"At 10 o'clock, I'll open the door and start selling," she said. "I'm not going to be a victim."

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