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Greg Gutfeld slams liberal-run state ranked dead last in quality of life - guess which one it is

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld slammed his own birth state, California, for ranking dead last in the metric of "quality of life" in a recent study. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Greg Gutfeld slammed the state identified as ranking dead last in "quality of life" by a study in U.S. News - his native state of California.

Last in quality of life, but not the worst

The study actually ranked California overall as the 32nd best state, still in the lower end of the spectrum. But on one metric, "quality of life," California measured dead last, behind New Jersey and Indiana.

"California scored low for one simple reason - it's impossible to live there unless you are super-rich, or homeless," Gutfeld commented.

Gutfeld cited the truck shortage that caused a large discrepancy in renting a truck to go from California to Dallas as opposed to renting one to go from Dallas to California.

"So maybe Californians leaving California, they're the real dreamers," he continued. "But anyone who's been to L.A. knows the ugly truth. It's turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with 55,00o homeless in that county alone."

"Massive encampments have enveloped skid row, under overpasses and streets nearby," he added. "[San Francisco] isn't much better, spending millions last year on cleaning up human waste left on its streets left by the homeless."

"It's odd, we're living in a time where Hollywood embraces dystopian fiction," Gutfeld said, "they spend millions trying to recreate the look of life after nuclear war - I could save them some money. Just grab an Iphone and drive downtown."

Here's Gutfeld's commentary on "The Five":

The best states

On the other end of the spectrum, North Dakota ranked the highest quality of life, with Minnesota in second, and Wisconsin in third. Beyond the metric of quality of life, Iowa ranked the "best" state, with Minnesota second best, and Utah grabbing the bronze medal.

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