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Here's what some Germans want to do about growing anti-Semitism from Muslim refugees

Some Germans are hoping that sending Muslim refugees to sites like the Sachsenhausen Holocaust Memorial (pictured) will help stem the rising tide of anti-Semitism in their country. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Germans are pondering solutions to decrease the rising tide of anti-Semitism in their country, some of which is being imported by Muslim refugees.

Holocaust education 

One German lawmaker of Palestinian descent suggested that all newly arrived Muslim refugees be made to visit concentration camps to learn about the Holocaust.

However, Germany’s Central Council of Muslims appeared to oppose the idea in a statement provided to PBS.

“Regrettably, we acknowledge that there are some isolated cases of anti-Semitism among Muslims from the Middle East," the statement read. "Our organization has set itself the task of heightening awareness for this topic. For years, we have been accompanying mostly Muslim migrants from the Middle East to concentration camps."

"We rely on the educational means of convincing, rather than coercion," the statement concluded. "And we strongly warn against having a debate on this issue at the expense of refugees.”

A spokesman for the Sachsenhausen Holocaust Memorial agreed that forcing Muslim refugees to attend the site would likely not change the minds of those who harbor anti-Semitic views.

"We are open sites for education, for learning. And if there is a — if you are forced to come here, you are not open for learning,"Horst Seferens said, "You are not open to think about what happened here."

A growing problem

Yorai Feinberg, who runs a Jewish restaurant in Berlin and was a victim of numerous anti-Semitic attacks, says Germany has to do something about the problem soon.

"There is a problem with this topic," he said. "And I think that if Germany will not do anything against it in a matter of education, prevention, and also very harsh punishment, the situation will be very difficult here for me to stay."

Here's a video of the news report from PBS:

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