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Video: One Texas police department hilariously deals with annoying IRS tax scam phone calls

Image source: TheBlaze

Sick and tired of receiving those "IRS" scam calls claiming that you owe thousands of dollars to the U.S. government and it's imperative for you to pony up right then, right there, over the phone?

A Texas police officer received one of those very same calls, and a video featuring the way that he handled the call has gone viral.

The video, posted to Facebook just two weeks ago, has received more than 7 million views.

What happened in the video?

Midland Police Officer Daniel Stief received a phone call in early March, notifying him that he was on the hook for more than $8,000 and would be arrested if he didn't pay up ASAP.

During the call, Stief can be heard asking the caller, "OK, so are the police looking for me right now? I should be worried about that? How do I pay this money so the cops won’t come and arrest me? How do I pay you guys?"

The caller proceeds to tell the officer that he needs to "rush down to an Apple store" to purchase a gift card.

"It is an electronic, uh, transaction, so, uh, you don’t have to ask any questions regarding that," the caller explains, according to the video.

Throughout the video, you can see Stief barely holding back laughter.

At one point, the caller urges the officer to expedite the payment.

The caller says that if Stief doesn't comply with the payment in 45 minutes, police will show up at his home and arrest him.

What does the IRS say?

"It's IRS scam call season and nobody is immune, including Officer Stief," the post on Midland Police Department's Facebook page read. "He was on the phone for over 30 minutes with six different 'IRS' representatives. He just wanted to know how to not get arrested!"

"Don't forget," the post added, "this is a very real scam that many people fall victim to. The IRS says they will ALWAYS contact you by mail first before calling you. And they will NEVER ask you to pay using a debit card, wire transfer, or cashier's check... or Apple gift cards."

See the video below.

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