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Watch: Drag Elsa single-handedly pushes stuck police wagon free on a frozen night in Boston

A bar patron captured video of a man in an Elsa outfit pushing a Boston police wagon out of the snow Tuesday night. And the bar went wild when she (or he) did it. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

It was a frozen night in Boston when Queen Elsa came to the rescue of a local police officer whose wagon got stuck in piles of snow.

No, really.

A man dressed as Queen Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" movie pushed a Boston police truck out of the snow during the nor'easter that hit the region earlier this week.


What happened?

Restaurant publicist Christopher Haynes was sitting at The Gallows bar Tuesday night during the blizzard when a man he knows walked in wearing an Elsa costume, the Washington Post reported.

“My neighborhood is a little colorful, so I didn’t think too much of it,” Haynes told the Post. “Two minutes later, I saw Elsa outside. You can’t make this stuff up.”

A police wagon was stuck in piles of snow so Elsa did what any heroine would do — stepped outside to help.

Bar patrons cheered as Elsa started pushing the vehicle.

"Come on, Elsa!" and "Let him go!" the bar patrons yelled.

Elsa used hand signals to direct the police officer, forward and backward.

At one point, Elsa hiked up her skirt to get a better stance and even cleared away some snow from the tires with her hands.

Finally, the wagon was freed and drove away while the crowd cheered loudly.

Elsa turned to the onlookers and performed a perfect curtsy.

The video went wild on social media with some calling out the onlookers for not helping Elsa.

“I feel a little guilty we didn’t help push,” Haynes said. “But Elsa had it taken care of, clearly.”

Who was in the Elsa costume?

The Boston Globe identified Elsa as 37-year-old lawyer Jason Triplett.

Triplett told the Globe he bought the costume last year and decided to wear to the bar Tuesday night as a gag.

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