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Green superhero of the '70s sworn-in as Texas police officer

"Incredible Hulk" actor Lou Ferrigno was sworn-in as a Texas police officer on Thursday. (Image source: KTVT-TV video screenshot)

Actor Lou Ferrigno, aka the Incredible Hulk, was sworn-in by Irving, Texas, Police Chief Jeff Spivey as an honorary police officer Thursday.

Ferrigno starred in the CBS-TV series "The Incredible Hulk" (1978-82), based on the Marvel Comics character developed by Stan Lee.

The on-screen superhero spent some time talking to officers and some local students.

“I talked before about bullying, about staying away from drugs, respect your parents, if you don't have parents, respect police officers," Ferrigno said.

He encouraged the children to reach out when they have problems.

"If you need help, go out to ask for help," Ferrigno said.

And the 66-year-old actor reminded them to be strong when others try to knock them down.

"Don't be victimized and shy away and blame yourself because it's a wonderful police department here, one that I've read about, that I've heard about," he said. "They're more than just police officers. They care about the community — community and trust."

The Irving officers also had some fun getting Ferrigno to sign autographs on their "Incredible Hulk" memorabilia.

Ferrigno later tweeted about his visit.

“I love Texas. Very proud to be sworn in today as well as have the opportunity to meet all of these great officers and children,” he said.

What else?

Ferrigno has served as a reserve special duty officer for several police departments in California and Ohio in recent years.

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