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President of Academy of Motion Picture Arts faces sexual harassment allegations: report

John Bailey, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is under investigation over sexual harassment allegations. (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

John Bailey, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is under investigation after three allegations of sexual harassment were raised this week, Variety magazine reported.

What are the allegations?

The report did not detail specifics about the allegations.

Under a code of conduct established by the Academy in December, members can be disciplined or expelled for allegations of “abuse, harassment or discrimination.” The Academy also created a claims process that outlines how allegations are adjudicated.

The policy change came partly in response to allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein that were first reported by the New York Times in October. Less than 10 days after the report came out, the Academy voted to expel him.

Under the policy, the Academy’s Membership and Administration Committee reviews allegations. If the allegations are believed to be credible, they are forwarded to the full Board of Governors for potential disciplinary action.

In August, Bailey was elected president of the institution. If he is forced to step down, Lois Burwell, the Academy’s vice president would temporarily serve as his replacement until the next election in July, the report states. Burwell is also a veteran makeup artist.

What is Bailey's background?

A veteran cinematographer, Bailey is known for his work on “The Big Chill” and “Groundhog Day.” He is also regarded as a scholar of film history and is active in establishing content for the Academy museum, which is currently under construction.

Bailey succeeded Cheryl Boone Isaacs for a four-year term as the Academy’s president.

At the time, questions arose about whether “a 75-year-old white man was best suited to lead the Academy at a time when it is making a push to diversify its membership,” Variety reported.

The magazine asked Bailey about it and he reportedly said: “What you just said is bulls**t. I was born a white man, and I can’t help it that I’m 75 years old. Is this some sort of limiting factor?”

Following the Weinstein allegations, dozens of other women came forward to accuse prominent men in entertainment, media, and politics.

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