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Student punishments for gun control 'walk-out' ranged from detention to paddling

Many students participated in the nationwide student walkouts last week on the issue of gun control. But many students also faced punishment for their walkouts. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Hundreds of students across the nation faced punishments for participating in the national student walkout last week in support of increased gun control, according to published reports.

What were the punishments?

In Downers Grove, Illinois, 1,000 students were given an hour of detention for participating in the nationwide student walkout protest.

Walkouts were held at schools across the nation for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 people killed in the Parkland, Florida, school massacre.

Alex Wielgosz, a junior at Downers Grove South, told Patch news: “I think our school should be encouraging us to take action as more and more school shootings seem to be happening all over the country.”

Did students know there'd be consequences?

But the school district's superintendent, Hank Thiele, kept his word that students would face consequences for walking out.

Thiele told students and parents in an email sent on March 8 that, “we believe for students to receive the full civics lesson of what it means to participate in a protest also requires accepting the consequences for their actions,” according to reports.

Still, they chose to participate.

Thiele said after the event that students “wanted to show that the consequences were worth it to have their voice heard. They broke the rules with a purpose. I'm proud of young adults who are willing to do this for whatever they believe in.”

Why did Arkansas students chose corporal punishment?

Elsewhere, three students at a Greenbrier, Arkansas, high school chose corporal punishment for participating in the walkout. They chose the punishment instead of in-school suspension, according to published reports.

And in Las Vegas, dozens of middle school students are facing possible suspensions for participating in the walkouts, KTNV-TV reported.

Parents contacted the TV station to complain after notices for required parent conferences were sent home with more than 60 students at Harney Middle School. The students also were not allowed to return to classes the day after the walkout.

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