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Charlie Rose accidentally stumbles into #MeToo-themed film screening: report

Image source: TheBlaze

Accused sexual harasser and news journalist Charlie Rose accidentally walked in on a #MeToo gathering on Monday, according to the New York Post's Page Six.

Rose stands accused of sexual harassment by no less than eight women with whom he's reportedly worked in the past. To date, Rose has maintained that not all of the allegations are valid.

As a result of the allegations, CBS fired Rose, and PBS said it would no longer distribute the nightly talk show, “Charlie Rose.”

What are the details of Rose's run-in?

According to the report, Rose was dining in Manhattan on Monday evening when he received a phone call.

He reportedly slipped out of a restaurant's dining room and into an adjoining room, where a #MeToo-themed animated film was being screened.

Page Six reported that the film in question portrayed victims of disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein exacting their revenge on their alleged predator by blasting him into outer space.

The outlet reported:

Marisa Acocella Marchetto was unveiling her new project: a YouTube series on the #MeToo movement titled "Mission C*ntrol."

In her animation, disgraced movie mogul Weinstein is seen in a white robe roaring, "The sexual allegations are false!"

A giant, more powerful pair of women’s lips responds, "Shut up, Harvey."

Weinstein is grabbed and put on a rocket to be sent into space.

"Please, no … I am Harvey Weinstein. You know what I can do?" he shrieks as he blasts off, while a band of accusers including Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, Daryl Hannah, Uma Thurman and Rose McGowan look on defiantly, shouting, "Shut up, Harvey!"

A witness told the outlet that Rose's face "dropped" when he realized what he'd walked in on.

"He looked shocked and embarrassed," the witness told Page Six. "Plus, everyone at the #MeToo-themed party turned around to stare at him, as if to say, 'Oh my God, what on earth is Charlie Rose doing here?' He very, very quickly left."

According to the outlet, guests included Fox News' Geraldo Rivera, author Erica Jong, and journalists Bob Morris and Erik Maza.

Marchetto said that in creating the film, she "wanted to give [Weinstein] the send-off he deserves."

She told Page Six, "Look out, Charlie, you could be next."

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