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American wrestler uses Trump-themed props to rile up Mexican crowds

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American wrestler Sam Adonis — real name Sam Polinsky — is riling up Mexican crowds with his stage persona, which includes President Donald Trump-themed props and costumes.

What is this all about?

Polinsky, a Pittsburgh native, spoke with KDKA-TV, where he detailed part of his schtick, which includes entering the wrestling arena bearing an American flag with a Trump face emblazoned on it.

"What makes most of the Mexican public angry right now is what they hear and see about our president on television," said Polinsky, 28.

Polinsky, who performs in Mexico's "Lucha Libre" — which he describes as "American pro-wrestling mixed with the circus" — said that his outfit evolved from his early days of wrestling in Trump face-patterned tights.

"[Lucha Libre is] absolutely insanity and makes zero sense at all," he told KDKA's Amy Wadas. "The cool thing about Mexican wrestling is the presentation of the masked luchadores."

He added, "Staying topical and evolving with the times naturally, it seemed like a good idea to be a Trump-supporting American while performing in Mexico."

How do the crowds respond?

Polinsky said that the Mexican crowds are mostly good-natured with their boos and thumbs-down.

"Generally, the people have been very accepting and happy about it," he said, but noted that there have been instances where some people haven't been so good-natured with their ribbing, and described times when he's had to watch his back at night.

"I’ve had some pretty sketchy experiences in Mexico taking it the wrong way," Polinsky admitted. "A lot of times when alcohol is involved, somebody wants to test their luck and see what they can get away with."

For Polinsky, however, it's all in good fun. He explained that the main thing to remember when performing in a foreign country is to give the utmost respect to its citizens, and noted that he's even gone as far as to learn Spanish.

Anything else?

Polinsky, who is performing on his own turf of Pittsburgh on Saturday, said that he has hopes to bring the persona home and perhaps further his career.

"This part is hopefully leading to something bigger and better and hopefully, sometime down the line, I’ll be able to headline the big arenas here in Pittsburgh," he explained.

If you're in the Pittsburgh area this weekend and happen to catch his performance, don't expect Polinsky to break out the Trump flag.

"The fact that it’s my hometown crowd, I’m not going to be hated coming out of the ring," he added.

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