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Stormy Daniels' lawyer drops another astounding bombshell in Trump lawsuit

The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels indicated that he has in his possession a DVD with evidence that substantiates his client's account against President Trump. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot composite)

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, posted a photo of evidence against President Trump on his social media account in advance of a highly anticipated "60 Minutes" interview with his client.

Here's what he posted

Avenatti tweeted, "If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” how many words is this worth?????" with a photo of what appeared to be a DVD, and added a hashtag with the cryptic message, "please deny it."

What's in the DVD?

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Avenatti explained what was on the DVD, and how it was a warning shot to Trump, his lawyers and his surrogates.

"That DVD contains evidence substantiating the relationship," he said, "and the tweet is a warning shot. I want to be really clear about this. It is a warning shot."

"And it's a warning shot to Michael Cohen and anyone else associated with President Trump that they better be very, very careful, after Sunday night," he added, "relating to what they say about my client and what spin or lies they attempt to tell the American people."

"But make no mistake about it," he concluded, "it is a warning shot."

"Can we assume that that DVD contains evidence to back up Stormy Daniels' position?" asked Blitzer.

"Yes," Avenatti said simply.

"What I've said is it is a warning shot," he explained later in the interview. "People better be honest because they haven't been honest in the past relating to this relationship, relating to the bullying tactics, relating to the threats and the intimidation. Period. It is time to come clean. Basta, as they say, enough with the nonsense."

Here's the video of Avenatti's threat:

"So anyone that's going to come out and attack my client, or her credibility, they better be really careful in what they say, and they better be a hundred percent honest with the American people," Avenatti concluded.

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