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Watch March for Our Lifers explain gun views: ‘I have face tattoos. I don’t need to be owning a gun’

Image source: TheBlaze

March for Our Lives demonstrators walked in droves over the weekend to attend the anti-gun festivities held across the U.S. and had myriad reasons for participating in the rallies.

What are the details?

Several of those demonstrators were spotlighted by street reporter Austen Fletcher of YouTube channel, "Fleccas Talks," where they revealed the reasons they wanted to relinquish their Second Amendment rights.

Fletcher's 10-minute compilation video is made up of interview snippets featuring commentary from those marching in the weekend's demonstrations and at this time has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Here are some of the more interesting exchanges:

One marcher waved a sign that read, "NRA is a terrorist org." When Fletcher asked the marcher if he believed ISIS and the NRA were in the same category, the man holding the sign answered, "I do."

A female marcher compared firearms to nuclear weapons: "If you look at a weapon of war, if you can have an AR-15, why couldn't you have a nuclear weapon? It makes sense that you should not have a really potent weapon."

Fletcher later approached a woman who claimed to be from Australia. She cited her face tattoos as evidence that she shouldn't have a gun.

"You don't need an assault rifle," she said. "A civilian doesn't need a — I have face tattoos. I don't need to be owning a gun. I'm irresponsible already."

The two later spoke about armed guards protecting schools. The woman suggested that everyone sit down to have a conversation on "how we can change" mass killings.

Fletcher shot her response down and answered, "To talk about changing the entire culture ... I'm talking about how to protect these kids on Monday. If you want to talk about the gun culture in the U.S., that's a big conversation, that's a whole different debate. ... I want to actually solve the problem, not say, 'People should be better, people shouldn't care about guns.'"

He later moved on to another female marcher, whom he asked how she'd feel if an armed criminal broke into her house and she was unarmed. She effectively said that what was meant to be would simply happen.

"That's, just, I guess, the bad luck of my life, circumstances, whatever — it had to happen. I dunno," she said.

Fletcher proposed a similar scenario to another marcher, who said that he would not shoot an intruder, no matter the case.

See the rest of the comments in the video below.

(Content warning: Rough language):

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