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Felon allegedly breaks in and attacks homeowner. He grabs gun and makes sure crook doesn't get away.

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A Nashville, Tennessee, homeowner reportedly shot and killed a convicted felon who allegedly broke into his house Wednesday night.

What are the details of the incident?

According to the Tennessean, police said the homeowner — Brent Bishop — was not at home when two men reportedly broke into his house and attacked his wife, striking her in the face.

Bishop arrived home shortly after his wife was attacked and was struck in the head upon entering his residence, the report said.

The intruders allegedly told Bishop to open his gun safe, where three long guns and a pistol were reportedly stored.

Bishop complied with the intruders' demands, and when the two men went to leave the property, he reportedly went outside to find his wife, who had fled from the home earlier.

Instead, Bishop reportedly encountered the intruders once again.

Police reported that Bishop fatally shot one of the men, and the second intruder reportedly left Bishop's firearms at the scene and fled to the home of a neighbor.

According to the report, the deceased intruder was later identified as Terry Adams Jr., a 27-year-old convicted felon.

The Tennessean reported that Adams had "multiple convictions" for auto burglary crimes, as well as felony theft, aggravated assault, and attempted burglary.

The second intruder remains at large.

According to police, Bishop's home was burglarized in February, when a television was taken from his home. Adams was also the suspect in the robbery case.

Bishop suffered a fractured skull as a result of the attack and, as of Thursday, remains hospitalized.

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