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David Hogg responds to news of Laura Ingraham's Easter 'break' — and uses religious taunt in process

David Hogg responded to news of Laura Ingraham's Easter vacation with a religious barb. (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

After it was announced Laura Ingraham would not be hosting her Fox News show next week due to a pre-planned vacation break, David Hogg, who Ingraham is currently embroiled in controversy with, responded with a religious barb.

What did he say?

The high school senior referred to Easter and instructed Ingraham to have some "healthy reflections" during her break.

Though Hogg didn't directly refer to Ingraham, his tweet was in response to news about Ingraham's Easter vacation.

"Holy Week," phraseology many Christians use to refer to the week prior to Easter Sunday, is a remembrance of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth and his resurrection three days later.

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem, and ends the following Sunday, the day that Jesus left his burial tomb.

What does Hogg's tweet actually mean?

Presumably, Hogg's instruction's to have "healthy reflections" in reference to Easter is his way of telling Ingraham to reflect on the Gospel of Jesus — or in layman's terms, to be a better Christian.

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