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Hero mail carrier in New Jersey saves a life for the second time in six years

A mail carrier in New Jersey saved an 86-year-old man's life when he noticed that the mail was piling up. He knocked on the man’s door, and when no one answered, he walked around the house. He saw through a window that the man was in trouble and called 911. (Image source: WCBS-TV video screenshot)

A mail carrier in New Jersey learned a lot about the habits of people in his community during more than three decades of delivering the mail, and that attention to detail ended up saving a man’s life.

What's the story?

Tom Logue, who works on New Jersey’s Long Beach Island, noticed the mail piling up at the home of one of the people on his route, an 86-year-old man.

“The mail was piling up in there for two days and that is very unlike him,” Logue told WCBS-TV.

Concerned, Logue knocked on the man’s door. When no one answered, he walked around the house, and saw through a window that the man was in trouble.

“I got closer and closer," he said. "And as I got closer I could see him lying on the floor in there, and that’s why I instantly called 911.”

Logue called 911, an action that police said saved the man’s life.

What did the niece say?

While the full name of the man he saved is being kept private, the man’s niece sent Logue a card expressing her gratitude.

“‘Dear Tom, I can’t express my gratitude for finding Bill. He would have died alone and scared if it wasn’t for you. You saved his life and we will pray you receive a special blessing from God for your good deed.”

WCBS reports that the man Logue saved is recovering from the incident.

Logue has been delivering the mail on LBI for 31 years.

“I got a great route,” he told WCBS. “I know everybody on my route. I know their habits. I know what they do. I know where they go.”

What happened at the beach?

This was not the first life that Logue saved. On Father’s Day in 2012, Logue was on the beach when he saw a boy get caught in a rip current.

“I saw waves come over him — and I don’t think anyone seen him but me,” Logue said. “And then when he went under he never came back up again. So I went over there and got him, and then we struggled to get back.”

For his actions in saving this boy’s life, Logue was named the National Hero of the Year by the National Association of Letter Carriers in 2012.

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