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Mainstream media outlets obsess over Trump's loose-fitting trousers
Vanity Fair and CNN are obsessing over President Donald Trump's wide-leg trousers. Here, Trump participates in the annual White House Easter egg roll. (Getty Images/Nicholas Kamm)

Mainstream media outlets obsess over Trump's loose-fitting trousers

It's safe to say that skinny jeans and peg-leg pants are not the top fashion picks for most 70-year-olds. But that didn't stop Vanity Fair and CNN from obsessing over President Donald Trump's loose-fitting trousers.

During Easter services, for example, Trump was sporting pants that were way too wide and long, according to Vanity Fair, an entertainment and fashion magazine.

So the magazine published a feature-length article aimed at picking apart the president's wardrobe. The tongue-in-cheek review recounts Trump's fashion sense over the past 15 years, using photos to make its points.

In 2003, for example, the president wore "nearly-perfect" fitting pants. But since then, his pant-legs have grown longer and wider, according to the story.

"What if they continue to grow?" asked writer Kenzie Bryant. Then Bryant continued to pick apart Trump's trousers.

"The really compelling part is that his pant legs are enormous. They’re each roughly the circumference of a healthy toddler’s head. They could fit comfortably around The Rock’s thighs — an image no one wanted to consider, but in the name of this investigation, we must," she wrote.

"The angle of the photo makes it even more dramatic, with the grass hiding the president’s feet, shortening his overall frame and terminating his body at a wide point. Even so, those hems do not lie," she explained.

Trump likes big and baggy?

The article went on to say Trump has adored the "big and baggy" style for a long time, but he used to mix it up.

His preference for big and baggy started a long, long time before that, but he was more apt to mix it up—a pant leg that grazes the top of his shoes here, a full-on zoot-suit riot there.

Now it’s almost as if every time he knows there’s going to be a photo op, he pulls out the big boys.

But why? A couple theories. One is that he’s shrinking. It’s less a theory than an inevitable fact of being over 70. Bone density just isn’t what it used to be, and the pants are just meant for longer legs. So why wouldn’t he buy a new suit? He’s a rich man who likes nice things and is the president of the United States. It would be easy.

What does Kim Jong-un have to do with this?

CNN also chimed in, creating a silly video titled, "Presidential pants meet the fashion police."

"He's got a big personality, he's got big hair and now, he's got big pants?" the narrator of the video asks.

The video compares Trump's pants to those worn by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who favors long, wide-leg pants with a deep crease.

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