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WATCH: Rapper Cardi B asked why she didn't abort her baby. Her response won't make feminists happy.

Rapper Cardi B opens up about her pregnancy and why she takes issue with pro-choice feminists who have criticized her for not having an abortion. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

First it was taxes, now it's abortion and what it really means to be "pro-choice." Famed rapper "Cardi B" is once again taking on liberal politics.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, explained in a recent radio interview why she chose not to abort the baby she is currently pregnant with and slammed the feminist definition of "pro-choice."

What did she say?

During a lengthy conversation on "The Breakfast Club" Tuesday, Almanzar said that despite her baby being unplanned, she has a "game plan." When asked by show host Charlemagne Tha God whether she considered terminating her pregnancy, Almanzar said she didn't.

And it wasn't just because of the guilt that comes from abortions, Almanzar said, but she said she didn't consider it because she doesn't believe in the feminist idea of not being able to be pregnant and maintain her fruitful career.

"It was just like, 'You know what, I'm a grown woman. I’m 25 years old...I'm a [millionaire]. You know what I'm saying? And I'm prepared for this,'" Almanzar said.

The rapper, who was born and raised in the Bronx in New York City, went on to explain that criticism from women in particular over her decision to not have an abortion "disgusts" her.

"It really bothers me and it disgusts me because I see a lot of women online like, ‘Oh, I feel sorry for you. Oh your career is over.' And it's just like, why can’t I have both? Like as a woman why can't I have both? Like, why do I have to choose a career or a baby? Like, why can't I have both?" Almanzar asked.

"It's like, why do I have to wait until I'm 30-something to have a kid? I want my kid now," she explained.

Almanzar made similar comments in an interview on Monday, where she also addressed the criticism she received for becoming pregnant from a man who already has children from several other mothers. Almanzar said her baby's father is a "great father" and not a "dead-beat."

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