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Man with hatchet threatens Arizona woman packing heat. It does not end well for the man.

A man wielding a hatchet attempted to rob a woman in Arizona. She was packing heat and it didn't end well for him. (Image source: Getty Creative)

As the old saying goes: “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” Or in this case, a hatchet.

An Arizona man made that mistake on Friday — and now he’s paying for it.

What happened?

According to KMSB-TV, the unknown assailant attempted to rob a woman outside a convenience store in south central Tucson, Arizona, wielding only a hatchet.

The man reportedly demanded the victim’s keys and threatened her with his archaic weapon.

Unfortunately for the man, he apparently never heard the aforementioned adage, nor did he understand that nearly 1-in-3 Arizonans pack heat.

Fortunately for the man’s female victim, she was 1-in-3 that night — or in her case, 1-in-2.

According to KMSB, the man attempted to accost the victim when she entered her car. That's when she retrieved her firearm and shot him. The man did not perish, and the woman kept watch over him as police arrived.

What did the police do?

Once on the scene, police officers provided first aid on the suspect. He was later transported to the hospital with injuries that weren't life threatening.

The injured suspect remained in the hospital over the weekend and charges are pending, KMSB reported.

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