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Wyoming school district to arm teachers: 'An armed school has never been breached, and it won't be

A school district in Cody, Wyoming, voted to allow teachers and other school personnel to concealed carry on campus after they fulfill training requirements. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Cody School District Board of Trustees in Wyoming voted Tuesday to allow trained school personnel, including teachers, to carry concealed firearms on campus, the Cody Enterprise reported.

"An armed school has never been breached and it won't be, I can guarantee it," said trustee Scott Weber.

What's the story?

Cody's policy dates back to the fall semester, when it was first written under guidance by school board counsel Scott Kolpitcke. Districts in Wyoming have the authority to decide whether they want to allow concealed carry for faculty and staff.

The policy had been voted on two previous times by the board, passing but being amended after each of the first two readings in February and March.

The first set of amendments increased the minimum amount of recurring training required to carry. The policy was later amended to include more specifics about training, and to add a provision to review the policy after two years.

In order to conceal carry at school, personnel must pass a background check and a psychological exam, and complete at least 24 hours of initial training and 18 hours annually for recertification.

What's the public debate?

Trustees Tom Keegan and Stefanie Bell were the opposing votes. Bell called the policy a last resort, and Keegan said the policy will hurt the quality of the district's academics.

"I think academics will suffer," Keegan said during the meeting, according to the Enterprise. "Those people will no longer just be teaching,  they'll also be carrying a gun. So we can expect less from our teachers as well."

Five members of the public spoke out in favor of the policy, while four spoke in opposition. The school conducted a study that indicated the policy was overall supported by the community.

"We have a right to conceal carry in this state," said Cody resident and former police officer Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, according to The Associated Press. "Whether it's Walmart or a school building, if you conceal carry you conceal carry — you have a permit to do so."

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