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David Hogg was asked how to overcome right-wing ‘bullies’ - here's his surprising response

Parkland massacre survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg said that he responds to right wing criticism by saying, "I love you," in an interview published by Vox Thursday. (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot)

Gun control advocate and Parkland massacre survivor David Hogg says in a new video that he overcomes his right-wing critics by telling them he loves them.

Here's what he said 

In a glowing review of the history of Hogg's recent gun control advocacy, Vox published a video interview with the high school student where he talks about his right-wing critics.

Hogg was asked what advice he had to other activists, "especially students who might themselves in the crosshairs of the right-wing smear machine."

"Whenever someone calls you a d**k or whatever," Hogg responded, "just say 'I love you,' honestly."

"That's what this world needs," he continued, "we don't need anybody else being super-mean to each other like Laura [Ingraham] was to me, or anybody else."

Hogg was referring to the mocking tweet Fox News host Laura Ingraham sent about him that resulted in a boycott of her show and a loss of advertisers.

"Point out the few that are just absolutely ridiculous, and after that, people will start fighting for you, because you shouldn't have to honestly," he said.

"Yeah they shouldn't," agreed Vox video journalist Carlos Maza. "It is deeply disturbing that teenagers who survived a mass shooting have to worry about how to deal with this stuff. But under the weight of intense media attention and pressure, these students are putting on a master class with how to deal with bullies."

Here's the video of Hogg's comments: 

"That's just immature"

Hogg also described in the video why he responded to Ingraham's taunting with a boycott, admitting that it was his petty nature that led him to respond.

"I was actually sitting at dinner with my sister and I was thinking about it for a minute," he explained. "And my friends have responded plenty and maybe I should lay off, and then I'm like, mmm, I'm too petty for that."

"What's the one thing that is common in all of conflict? Economics," he added.

"What does Laura [Ingraham] care about more than anything? Her $4 million salary," he explained.

"You don't need to go after these people personally," he said, "because that's just immature and that's what they're trying to do to you. Go after their advertisers and them making money."


Some might find his comments slightly hypocritical, given that he has called the NRA "baby killers" and has used expletives to advocate for gun control. “What if our politicians weren’t the b***h of the NRA?" he said in a video about his campaign.

Hogg has announced another boycott and a book to support his political advocacy.

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