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Television station mocked for interview with pro-gun Columbine survivor

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An Australian TV show's televised interview with Evan Todd, a pro-gun Columbine massacre survivor, became extremely awkward when the interview turned to the controversial topic of firearms and the guest and the hosts disagreed.

What are the details?

Todd appeared on Friday's "Weekend Today," where he discussed his experience at Columbine and his thoughts about the Parkland, Florida students' anti-gun lobbying efforts.

During the interview, which took place on the 19-year anniversary of the Columbine massacre, the show's co-host, Allison Langdon, questioned Todd over his thoughts on the Parkland students anti-gun lobbying, which Todd indicated that he is against.

"It's not a movement that I stand behind or support," he told Langdon. "I question whether it's being run by students because I've been doing this for 19 years trying to get the message out that the heart and the soul is the real issue here, not guns."

Todd went on to empathize with the Parkland students' hurt, and said that he knows "how hard it is to organize a movement."

"There's a lot of money and a lot of people helping them and it's frustrating to see that they're going after a political point," he added, noting that he doesn't doubt that the students' anger is real.

"I don't discount their anger or sadness or what they went through, because I know what they went through," Todd said. "I discount their position and their ideology."

Todd went on to suggest that the U.S. repeal the national Gun Free Zone Act and allow teachers to carry weapons onto campus.

"[People aren't] disarmed when they go to the grocery store," he explained. "They're not disarmed when they go to church. But when they go to school, they have to disarm themselves."

After several more moments of pro-gun, anti-gun back and forth, Langdon interrupted Todd a final time, and interjected, "Evan, I think we have to agree to disagree."

From there, the interview ended.

Also, during the interview, Langdon accidentally called Todd "Eric" — the name of one of Columbine's mass killers — twice.

Todd shared a video featuring the interview on his Facebook page, which has received over 39,000 views and hundreds of comments, many of which were critical of "Weekend Today's" handling of the interview.

Anything else?

Todd spoke to after the interview, where he addressed the controversy of the interview.

"Personally I don't care about the disrespect," he told the outlet. "I'm a big boy, in more ways than one. I've handled worse. I just appreciate the opportunity to promote liberty for all."

"There definitely seems like there is a lot of backlash," Todd added, noting that simply is able to "appreciate the opportunity to promote liberty for all."

"I’m also overwhelmed with so many kind and encouraging comments coming from quite a few of Australian citizens," he said. "Awesome people."

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