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Philadelphia elementary school displays students' anti-GOP, anti-NRA signs

Image source: TheBlaze

An elementary school in Philadelphia raised some eyebrows after posting decidedly anti-Republican and anti-National Rifle Association signs in the window entrance to the school.

The signs were created by the elementary school students.

What are the details?

Some of the signs hanging in the Albert M. Greenfield School's entrance bore slogans like:

  • "NRA  — Go Away, GOP — Enough BS,"
  • "Teachers should be armed with knowledge, not guns,"
  • "Protect Kids, Not Guns," and
  • "Stop the NRA."

Many of the signs called for gun control. Twitter users shared photos of the signs, and the story began to go viral.

Chris Stigall, a Philadelphia-area talk radio host, also shared the photos and wrote, "School kids encouraged to churn out propaganda, likely during school hours."

Did the school district comment on the signs?

After Fox News' "Fox & Friends" reached out, a school district spokesperson issued a statement about the signs hanging at the school's entrance.

"We support students' rights to self-expression as long as that expression does not disrupt an orderly school environment, and these signs are not in violation of School District of Philadelphia policy," the statement read.

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