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Kathy Griffin accuses Trump of colluding - with media outlets against her

Comedian Kathy Griffin made more jabs at President Trump Friday on a podcast when she claimed that he personally ordered the Secret Service to investigate her after her grotesque publicity photo depicting the president with a decapitated head. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Comedian Kathy Griffin accused President Trump of colluding - not with Russia, but with favorable media outlets to target her in a personal "vendetta."

Here's what she said

Griffin accused the president of personally ordering the Secret Service to investigate her after her outlandish publicity photo of a simulated severed head of Trump.

"You know he has a vendetta against certain people,” Griffin said on a podcast Friday. “You know how he works.”

“What I didn't realize is I was just being thrown into, like, the Trump wood chipper," she explained. "I didn't realize that day that they already had this apparatus in place."

"You know, how to coordinate with [Sean] Hannity and Fox News and how to coordinate with TMZ," she concluded.

"It shouldn’t happen to an American citizen"

Griffin had made similar comments to the Associated Press in early April.

"This was, never in the history of the United States has a sitting United States president used the power of the Oval Office," she claimed, "the first family, his entire media machine, which obviously includes everything from TMZ to Fox News, and the Department of Justice."

"So you know, that is really scary, and it shouldn't happen to an American citizen," she concluded.

Griffin has claimed that she was blacklisted from the entertainment because of the public furor surrounding the grotesque and bloody publicity photo she released. Griffin will be attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner this year - the president will not be in attendance.

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