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After YETI cuts ties with NRA, the free market, and retailers, continue to respond in a big way

More than a week after YETI severed ties with the NRA, the free market continues to respond. (Image via Facebook/RTIC screenshot)

After it was announced last week that YETI had cut ties with the National Rifle Association for unknown reasons, the free market began responding in a big way.

First, it was an organic consumer-initiated boycott. Since then, retailers and YETI's competitors have also contributed to the free market response.

What did retailers do?

In response to the news, some retailers vowed to stop selling YETI's famed products, including its coolers, cups and apparel, in their stores. One store in particular, Ozark Sportsman Supply, went viral with a Facebook post this week.

"Beginning 4/23/18 Ozark Sportsman & Ozark Outpost will no longer support or sell Yeti company and their products," the company said. "We can not in good conscience support a company that takes a stand against the rights of all Americans as Yeti has by pulling sponsorship from the NRA. By pulling their support from groups that fight for our rights Yeti has proven to be on the opposite side of the street from the conservative Majority at a crucial time in our country’s history."

Ozark Sportsman said it would accept the financial loss it would face by not selling their stock of YETI's products.

"As of this notice we are pulling all Yeti Products from our show room floors. They will be boxed up and stored. We won’t put them on the streets at all. It’s a loss we will take in a show of Support for the NRA and their endeavors," the company said.

"We carry other product lines that are very similar in construction and quality. We will promote those that stand with Americans," it explained.

What did YETI's competitors do?

Pelican Coolers, one of YETI's competitors, said it would donate $10 to the NRA for every cooler bought through the end of the month. A tweet announcing the deal received tens of thousands of shares.

Meanwhile, RTIC Coolers released a video showing their support for America and it's "amendments," a subtle jab at YETI.

Orca Coolers, another YETI competitor, also took advantage of the opportunity and is giving customers 20 percent off ORCA products through the end of the month. The company posted on Facebook:

YETI has yet to respond to the free market's response, save for a statement contradicting what the NRA said.

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