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Donald Trump Jr. makes a devastating comparison in the West Virginia Republican primary

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted in support of two of the three candidates in the primary election for the Republican nomination in West Virginia's Senate election. He called one a "train wreck" that, if elected, would hand the election to the Democrat in the race. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Donald Trump Jr. made a devastating comparison to one of the candidates aiming to win the Republican nomination in the West Virginia race for that state's U.S. Senate seat.

Here's what he said

Trump Jr. called Don Blankenship a "train wreck," and compared him to Judge Roy Moore, who lost his Senate bid in Alabama after allegations arose of past sexual harassment.

"I hate to lose," Trump Jr. tweeted. "So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and ask the people of West Virginia to make a wise decision and reject Blankenship!"

"No more fumbles like Alabama," he added. "We need to win in November."

Blankenship is one of three top contenders for the nomination, including Republican Rep. Evan Jenkins and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. The controversial coal baron went to prison over safety standards at his company after 29 miners died in 2010.

"Had to be said since no one else seems to want to step up and state the obvious..." Donald Trump Jr added in a second tweet. "[N]o more Alabama like losses due to bad candidates. No unforced errors."

Democrats are spending money to help damage the Republican candidates in the primary for West Virginia's U.S. Senate seat but not Blankenship. Trump Jr. concluded that they were doing this in hopes that Blankenship might win and be the weakest candidate to run for Democrat Joe Manchin's Senate seat.

"If the democrats are doing this, they know he’s more beatable that the other options," he said of the report.  "Don’t fall for it West Virginia. Not worth the risk."

He added that he wasn't endorsing a single candidate, but called Morrisey and Jenkins "electable" and "qualified" candidates, while saying Blankenship was a "train wreck who would guarantee another term for Joe Manchin."

The West Virginia Senate primary is set for Tuesday, with the U.S. Senate election slated for Nov. 6.

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