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Teachers union leaders suspended for calling students 'dirtbags' and 'pieces of s**t

Leaders from two New Jersey teachers unions have been suspended after being heard on video making inappropriate comments about students. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Two teachers union presidents have been suspended after undercover video captured them making inappropriate comments about students, NJ.com reported.

The videos were captured by the controversial Project Veritas, which uses deceptive tactics and sometimes selective editing in creating its content.

What did the leaders say?

In a video first published Wednesday, a man identified as Hamilton Township Education Association President David Perry discussed ways to manipulate a situation in which a teacher physically assaulted a student. The situation was fabricated by a Project Veritas employee who was attempting to get Perry to talk about what he would do.

In the video, Perry says the teacher who committed the fabricated assault should come forward with the truth about what happened, saying "I need to know the truth, so that we can bend the truth."

Perry also said he wouldn't say anything about the situation if no one from the school brought it up, and said he could change the date on records to make it look like the incident was reported the day after it occurred.

"I'm here to defend even the worst people," Perry said.

In a second video, Union City Education Association President Kathleen Valencia is heard making derogatory comments about students and suggesting that a teacher should not report that he hurt a student.

"Did the kid's parent come in? No? Nothing happened," Valencia is heard saying. "There' s no video? Nothing happened."

Valencia then makes negative comments about students at her school.

"I know dirtbags," Valencia said. "They have a whole dirtbag class at the high school. I've taught the dirtbag class, OK? It's the biggest f***ing pieces of s**t I have worked with."

Valencia also referred to a file regarding a teacher who had sex with a student, saying the question was not whether the teacher would go to jail, but whether the teacher gets to keep his pension.

How did the school districts respond?

Union City School District released the following statement:

The board finds the comments that were made deeply disturbing and inappropriate because they in no way reflect the views, and core beliefs and values, of our school district, or of the professionalism of our educators, and other employees," the statement reads. "We have no governing control over the UCEA, its policies or procedures — we are separate and distinct entities. The UCEA does not speak for our school district.

Hamilton Township Superintendent Scott Rocco also released a statement, saying, "The true beliefs and values of this school district are not represented in this video and are not aligned with who we are as faculty, staff, administration and community."

Both Valencia and Perry have been suspended as investigations are underway.

(H/T: Fox News)

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