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Parkland mass killing survivor calls Trump 'professional liar' following his NRA speech in Dallas
Parkland survivors David Hogg and Cameron Kasky once again take to CNN to air their grievances about guns and President Donald Trump. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Parkland mass killing survivor calls Trump 'professional liar' following his NRA speech in Dallas

Parkland, Florida, student activists David Hogg and Cameron Kasky had plenty to say following President Donald Trump’s speech Friday at the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas.

What happened?

As they've done in the past, the students appeared on CNN, launched attacks on Trump and said he is mainly interested in funding from the NRA. Hogg and Kasky are students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a mass killing took place in February.

CNN host Cooper Anderson asked Kasky if he believes Trump is afraid of the NRA.

“Cameron, when the president was in that meeting with Democrats and Republicans he castigated the Republicans saying you’re scared of the NRA. Do you believe today he showed that he is scared of the NRA?” he asked.

“I think he is very interested in the money that the NRA will bring him and that the NRA in turn gets from gun manufacturers. You know, the gun — the NRA used to boast itself as being an 'Average Joe' coalition of Americans who are trying to protect their Second Amendment rights and now you will see that they are getting a lot of kickbacks from gun manufacturers. So I don’t necessarily think Trump is scared of the NRA, I think Trump is very enamored with the financial support the NRA gives him," Kasky responded.

Hogg said he believes the NRA is afraid of the support students are gaining in their push for stricter gun laws.

“I think people in the situation that are really scared would be the NRA," Hogg said, adding:

This is the first time they had the president and the vice president come out to the annual convention for the NRA. What they are seeing here is, what they are worried because the support we’ve been getting and the support we’ll have in mid-terms. Because like it or not, we don’t care if you are exact or Republican or Democrat, if you are supported with the NRA, you don’t stand with kids you stand with the gun manufacturers and the people making money off this fear and tragedy that is perpetuating itself.

Who called Trump a professional liar?

Kasky followed up with a Saturday morning CNN appearance, this time calling Trump a “professional liar.”

“He’s a professional liar to appease whatever crowd he’s at," Kasky said. "If he’s in front of families, he might say something in support of common sense gun reform. But then when he’s at the NRA, he’ll say something to get a big cheer. The NRA convention is like Comic-Con, you only get the die-hard fans."

"The average Americans, the ones who perhaps got their membership free with the purchase of a handgun; they’re not showing up there and they’re not holding Trump accountable for what he actually needs to talk about. They aren’t going to this dog and pony show that Trump and Pence are going to. It’s a celebration, really," he added.

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