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News you might have missed: Morning links for Tuesday, May 22

U.S. President Donald Trump welcomes South Korean President Moon Jae-in on June 30, 2017, during an arrival outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, DC. President Trump and President Moon will meet in D.C. on Tuesday to discuss ongoing negotiations with North Korea. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The president of South Korea is meeting with Trump today to discuss North Korea (NPR)

President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-In will meet on Tuesday to discuss their ongoing negotiations with North Korea. Talks between the two countries and North Korea hit a rough patch last week when North Korea lashed out against the South for participating in military exercises with American troops. North Korea still views these exercises as preparation for an invasion.

The White House was criticized for releasing a commemorative coin that showed Kim Jong Un with a double chin (The Independent)

The White House Military Office has been criticized for the design of a commemorative coin it released ahead of President Trump's planned summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. While it's not uncommon for the Military Office to release coins commemorating the president's trips to foreign nations, some critics have pointed out that the coin includes extra chins for Kim while others have argued that the coin legitimizes a dictator accused of perpetrating horrible attrocities against his own people.

Putin claimed he had missiles with "unlimited" range. The U.S. says that they crashed after just 22 miles (CNBC)

On March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin proudly announced that his country had developed “invincible” missiles with “unlimited” range. But now U.S. sources are telling CNBC that far from being unlimited, these missiles have been an overwhelming failure. The most successful test, according to this report, saw a missile travel 22 miles. The least successful missile flight only lasted four seconds.

The Post Office has announed that it will be releasing a new scratch-and-sniff stamp (USA Today)

If you like smelling your mail before you open it, then you just might be in luck. The U.S. Post Office has announced that it will release a series of scratch-and-sniff stamps, with a still-to-be-revealed mystery scent. The stamps will also feature ice pops drawn by California's Margaret Berg. Fans of this perplexing idea can order their stamps after June 20.

U.S. announces sanctions against five Iranians linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard (U.S. Treasury Department)

Five Iranians have been accused of providing "ballistic missile-related technical expertise to Yemen’s Huthis," according to the official press release from the Treasury Department. In a statement, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin accused the five Iranians of disrupting humanitarian aid and threatening freedom in the region. “The United States will not tolerate Iranian support for Huthi rebels who are attacking our close partner, Saudi Arabia.  All countries in the region should be on guard to prevent Iran from sending its personnel, weapons, and funds in support of its proxies in Yemen,” Mnuchin said.

Robots can now grow human organs (New York Post)

While that subhead may have conjoured up images of Skynet growing an army of Arnold Schwarzeneggers, this organ growing is much more benign. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine say that they have developed a way for robots to create “organoids” that can be used in biomedical research. According to the researchers, the robots can produce these organs much more quickly and more accurately than humans could.

Teenager ordered to pay nearly $37 million for starting Oregon wildfire (USA Today)

A 15-year-old resident of Washington state has been ordered to pay $36,618,330.24 for throwing fireworks in Oregon's Eagle Creek Canyon in September and starting a wildfire that burned up 75 square miles of land. He was also ordered to write more than 150 apology letters to those hurt by his actions. Thankfully for the teenager, the judge is allowing him to pay off the fine in installments, which still could take the rest of his life.

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