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WI-Sen: The Republican Party shows they're leaning toward one primary candidate

The Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate primary is getting interesting. (Image source: YouTube screencap)

In the bid to unseat U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D), the opposing party is signaling that they're aligning behind one candidate in the GOP primary.

How's that?

Messaging was sent by the Republican Party of Wisconsin this week, when it shelled out $29,000 in statewide advertising for candidate Leah Vukmir.

Of course, the move wasn't an entire shock given the fact that Vukmir, a state senator, won the party's official endorsement earlier this month with the support of 73 percent of delegates.

So, does the primary race still matter?

Vukmir is facing off against Republican Kevin Nicholson in the August 14 primary. And the Journal Sentinel said this week that "she'll need every bit of help in her race against Nicholson," who has raised more money than Vukmir and also has more support from out-of-state.

Executive director of the state Republican party, Mark Morgan, said that the party helping Vukmir wasn't a slight to Nicholson. He told the Journal Sentinel, "Regardless of what happens with the primary in August, both of these candidates would be far superior candidates than Senator Baldwin."

Now what?

Nicholson isn't giving up. His political strategist, Brandon Moody said, "We are now in a phase of the campaign that has moved to speaking with hundreds of thousands of voters who will cast a ballot in August, and our campaign remains focused on convincing those primary voters on why Kevin is the best-equipped candidate to defeat Tammy Baldwin.

Both Vukmir and Nicholson agreed to a unity pledge shortly after the first of the year, committing themselves "to a respectful pursuit of the endorsement of grass-roots conservatives at the state convention and the Republican nomination, running a campaign focused on defeating Senator Tammy Baldwin, and supporting whoever the Republican nominee is when the primary is over."

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