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DA makes decision about woman who lied about cop rape. His decision will enrage some.

Image source: TheBlaze

A Texas district attorney has made a decision about the fate of a black woman who falsely accused a white state trooper of rape — and he already knows that his determination is going to "frustrate many in the public."

What's a brief background?

After a Sunday morning traffic stop on suspicion of DUI, a woman named Sherita Dixon-Cole alleged that a Texas state trooper sexually assaulted and threatened her several times during her arrest and transport to the police station.

Activist Shaun King caught wind of Dixon-Cole's allegations and created an internet firestorm against the department and agains the officer, and despite not initially having the facts in front of him, King swore up and down that he believed Dixon-Cole's allegations against the trooper.

Dixon-Cole's lawyer added fuel to the fire by issuing a lengthy press release detailing her lurid — and later shown to be utterly fabricated — allegations of sexual assault.

The department issued a statement on Monday noting that they reviewed footage of the entire stop, arrest, transport, and processing, and noted that nothing even remotely resembling Dixon-Cole's allegations occurred.

The department released the footage to the public shortly after making the statement, and indeed, the officer was nothing but polite, respectful, and professional.

Dixon-Cole's lawyer distanced himself from Dixon-Cole after the footage emerge, which completely exonerated the officer, and even activist King referred to himself as a "victim" in a lengthy blog post admitting that he now believed Dixon-Cole had obviously lied about the alleged encounter.

On Thursday, the D.A. initially said that the office was investigating the possibility of pressing charges against Dixon-Cole for filing a false police report.

The rest, as they say, is history.

So what's the DA going to do?

Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson revealed that his office would not be charging Dixon-Cole with any crimes, as she never formally filed a police report.

Late Friday night, Fox News reported that Wilson "reported the alleged assault to a detention officer on two separate occasions the night of her arrest," and "not to a sworn peace officer."

What does this mean? Well, according to Wilson, it means that Dixon-Cole never actually filed a false police report.

"Ms. Dixon made a general claim that the trooper made inappropriate physical contact with her," he explained. "That claim was made to a detention officer, not to a peace officer. That fact is important in this office’s analysis."

Wilson said that Dixon-Cole was encouraged to file a complaint with DPS, but instead complained to another officer.

The officer confirmed that Dixon-Cole was taken to a hospital, but refused to be examined or treated.

"We know this decision will frustrate many in the public who have called for criminal charges against Ms. Dixon-Cole as both a punishment to her and as a deterrent to others who may make false and damaging allegations against the peace officers who protect all of us," Wilson added.

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