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Activist says cop sexually assaulted black woman during stop. DPS says dashcam video clears officer.

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On Sunday, activist Shaun King went on a social media tear accusing a Texas state trooper of sexually assaulting a black woman during a traffic stop.

The Waxahachie (Texas) Daily Light published the same story Sunday.

But the Department of Public Service said that it reviewed dashcam footage of the encounter between the officer and the woman and found that the video does not back up the allegations.

What's the back story?

On Sunday, King wrote on Facebook: "This woman was kidnapped & raped by a Texas State Trooper — OFFICER HUBBARD, she is now being held hostage in Ellis County Jail!"

"Sherita Dixon Cole just happens to be a close personal friend of Civil Rights Attorney/my friend @MeritLaw," King added. "These are the facts he got from her family."

King went on to recount the events of Sunday's early morning alleged incident, which revealed that a Texas state trooper pulled Cole over because the officer reportedly suspected that she was driving under the influence.

"Cole voluntarily performed and passed all dui/dwi protocol including a breathalyzer," King shared. "However, Hubbard decided he 'didn’t like [her] attitude' and that he was going to take her to jail anyway."

The officer reportedly handcuffed Cole and put her in the front seat of his vehicle.

"Hubbard then took a seat beside Cole and placed his hand on her thigh," King shared. "He asked her if she wanted to go home as he hiked up her skirt. He told her that she could earn her way home, if she really wanted to go."

King reported that Cole had phoned her boyfriend when the officer initially pulled her over and noted that the boyfriend arrived "just as the officer began to accost her."

King said that the officer asked Cole who was in the car and if he was armed.

Cole reportedly told the officer that the person in the car is her boyfriend and that he was not armed.

That's when the officer reportedly told Cole, "If you tell him what happened, he will be armed and his fire arm will be visible when I have to shoot him."

The officer reportedly told Cole's boyfriend that she had passed the DUI/DWI protocol but that he was taking her to the Ellis County Jail regardless "because of [her] attitude."

"Her fiancé told Hubbard that he would follow them to the jail but Hubbard warned him that he could not follow him and would be arrested if he tried," King shared. "Cole’s fiancé drove a short distance up the road and waited for the officer to head toward the jail."

During the ride to the station, Hubbard reportedly told Cole, "Why don’t you just give me some of that sweet p**** you have been given [sic] your fiancé and then you can go home."

Cole reportedly "begged" the officer to just take her to jail.

"He placed his hands back up her skirt and penetrated her vagina, warning her 'not to be stupid!'" King shared. "He explained she could 'go home tonight' if she just gave him what he wanted."

King shared that the officer "told Cole that he knew a place where they could go and where he could get what he wanted so she did not have to go to jail. He continued to pull at her clothes and place his hand down her shirt and up her skirt."

Cole ended up at the Ellis County jail, where she was booked for DUI/DWI.

Cole reportedly visited the hospital on Sunday evening after police released her.

On Monday, King tweeted that the hospital released Cole after unspecified diagnoses or treatments.

Cole's attorney, S. Lee Merritt, tweeted a release regarding his client's allegations on Monday.

What have the police said?

After an internal investigation, police completely denied the allegations brought forth by Cole.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials said that the dashcam footage does not support Cole's claims whatsoever.

In a Facebook statement Monday, the DPS wrote, "Upon learning of the allegations today, the department immediately took action to review the dash cam video. The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the serious accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect."

"DPS will present the video to the DA’s Office to determine if any further action is needed," the post continued. "The department will release the video to the public if there are no objections by the DA’s Office."

Texas DPS Staff Lt. Lonny Haschel also provided the Daily Light with the same statement.

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